Our Mission

Blue Lion Preschool was established in 2020 by BLP as a nonprofit entity under the guidance of Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche and for the purpose of bringing up little urban warriors of art, poetry and music, who know that possibilities are endless and that it is their responsibility to love the Earth and the community.

Our Core Values

Blue Lion Preschool’s core values are:

  • Kindness / Compassion – we practice loving kindness and compassion to all.
  • Confidence in everyone’s basic goodness – we believe that everyone is inherently good.
  • Open minded and embracing diversity – we remain open minded and embrace differences in people, cultures, practices, beliefs and opinions.



小蓝狮幼儿园是一家非营利教育机构,在宗萨钦哲仁波切的指引下,于2020 年正式成立。小蓝狮的概念孕育于宗萨钦哲仁波切对教育的理想。在这理念之下,我们的目标是培育一群热爱艺术、诗歌以及音乐的城市小勇士。我们深信儿童拥有无量的潜能, 并且能够肩负起爱护社区和地球的责任。



  • 慈悲心:我们对一切众生都怀有慈悲之心。
  • 对人性本善的信心:我们相信每一个人的本性都是善良的。
  • 开放的心态以及兼容并蓄的胸怀:我们对于不同的种族、文化、做法、信仰以及观点都保持开放的态度。