The Blue Lion curriculum is based on the understanding that early childhood is the ground, the foundation of all of humanity. There is no other time in human life when so much is learned in such a brief period of time. Children’s play is serious work where the children are exploring, learning and acquiring all the soft skills, like adaptability, communication, critical thinking, executive function, problem solving, conflict resolution, time management and self-regulation, just to name a few, that are essential life skills. These soft skills are the foundation for success in later academic learning as well as the keys to an overall fulfilling and meaningful life. The goal of the Blue Lion curriculum is to create an early childhood setting that fosters development of these soft skills and is steeped in an understanding of how to live in harmony and balance, with self and others, rooted in the teachings and practices of the Buddhist tradition.

小蓝狮的课程以开启儿童早教学习为方案, 我们深信学前幼龄是完整人格培养的基础。童年虽然短促,但却是是人一生当中学习能力最强的时刻。儿童在游戏中探索,学习和强化各种应对能力,比如适应力、沟通能力、批判性的思考和分析力、执行能力、解决问题和冲突的能力、时间管理和自我规范等等重要的生活技能。掌握这些技能都是儿童在应对未来的学习以及创造美满人生的关键。小蓝狮的目标是在佛法教义的基础上奠定这些生活技能,引导儿童学习如何与自他和睦共处,并且在生活中取得平衡。