How to apply your child’s enrolment 入学报名程序

1. Visit our preschool 亲临小蓝狮幼儿园

You are welcome to make an appointment to visit us. This a chance for us to get to know one another and to answer any questions you have about our school.


2. Speak to the principal about availability 与园长讨论入学学额

Once you have decided to enrol your child with us, please inquire if there are spaces available. If there is no space available for your child, you are welcome to join the waitlist.

如果您决定让孩子加入小蓝狮幼儿园,请向园长询问。如果学额已满, 您可以考虑加入候补名单。

3. Fill in and submit application documents 填写和提交报名表格

Application documents will be provided for your filling in and submission. A registration fee and a refundable deposit are payable at this time. If you are entitled to childcare subsidies provided by ECDA, you will be filling in the relevant documents at this time.

您需要完整地填写和提交报名表格, 并缴交报名费和可退还押金。如果您的孩子适合申请 ECDA 辅助金, 我们也同时需要您填写有关文件。

4. Attend an afternoon tea 下午茶聚会

Our Blue Lion teachers will reach out to you for you and your child to join us for a tea session. This is an opportunity for an orientation to our small school.


5. Begin at Blue Lion Preschool 开学了!

Start date would have been provided to you, and this is when your child will begin with us at Blue Lion Preschool.

当开课日期拟定好之后, 我们会通知您正式的上课日期。