Blue Lion Preschool

Blue Lion Preschool is registered as a nonprofit entity and is [to be] licensed as a childcare centre, regulated by ECDA (Early Childhood Development Authority) of Singapore.

Blue Lion Preschool’s programme goals and outcomes are guided by sound early childhood education and care principles. These goals and outcomes are based on the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) and Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) from the Ministry of Education Singapore.

The philosophy of the Blue Lion Curriculum is rooted in a Buddhist approach to education, emphasizing universal themes of compassion, generosity, intelligence, awareness, dignity, humour, gentleness and discipline. By encouraging each child’s fundamental goodness, and by teaching an early understanding of the interconnection of all things, the Blue Lion curriculum is laying a thoughtful educational foundation that addresses the whole child.

The goal of this holistic approach is to inspire kind, open-minded, self-respecting students, ready to engage with the beauty and challenges of the world around them as they head into grade level learning.

Rooted in the ancient Asian Buddhist histories and wisdom; informed, analytical but also contemplative and respectful; considerate of the collective; and free of excessive greed and a need to dominate – this is the vision we support by laying a strong Buddhist foundation in the early childhood years.

By drawing on these principles and pairing them with Early Childhood models of education, the Blue Lion Approach integrates both Montessori and Waldorf inspired activities, with creative play, contemplative practice and outdoor experiential learning.

The goal is to encourage in our students, a confidence in themselves, and a curiousity and care about the living-world around them. To this end, the Blue Lion approach is committed to a model of integrated learning outcomes interwoven throughout the day, and within the monthly Study Modules. These modules are complete with themes, classroom activities and daily rhythms that best accommodate the fundamental dharma teachings and principles combined with an understanding of children’s developmental stages throughout the preschool years.